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PHP Coupon Script Pricing - Installation and Hosting Options


Stand Alone Coupon Script Delivered Electronically
  • Regular Price $165.00
  • Coupon Script v.6.0
  • Includes 1 year License
  • Telephone and email Support/Maintenance
  • Upgrades and Fixes
  • Yearly Licence Renewal Fee only 39.95
  • Includes 1 Year License
  • Telephone and Email Support/Maintenance
  • Upgrades and Fixes

PHP Coupon Script Installation Service
  • Php Coupon Script Installed on your own server $49.95
  • Installation includes 1 install on 1 website. If you have additional websites or you need the script re-installed for new versions or because you have changed servers etc or other issues... We charge per install.

Modifications of Script

  • We do not take request to make modifications to the script, provide custom design work, or add extra features. We come out with enhancements and new versions and concentrate on this and our customer service.
  • We do welcome your input for future enhancements and take all suggestions into consideration when planning our new versions/enhancements.

PHP Coupon Script Domain Name Hosting and Domain Registration Service
  • Domain Registration $9.00 a year
  • Monthly Domain Hosting Fee $10.00 a month
  • Yearly Domain Hosting Fee 85.00
  • Weekly Domain Hosting Fee
  • You can pay yearly and save.

Hosting with us and what you Get


  • 10 Database's
    10 Email Accounts
    200 MB of Webspace
    1 GB Transfer space

    Manage email accounts (add, remove, change password)
    Webmail for all accounts
    Custom mail filtering
    Mailing lists (mailman)
    Ability to modify an MX entry
    Spam filtering (SpamAssassin)
    Webalizer web stats
    Webalizer FTP stats
    Analog stats
    View latest visitors
    View bandwidth usage
    View error log
    Download raw log file
    Manage FTP accounts (add, remove, change password)
    Anonymous FTP controls
    Ability to change FTP login message
    Ability to kill FTP sessions
    Site Tools
    Web Protect (.htaccess editor)
    Ability to change site and FrontPage password
    Custom error pages
    Ability to edit MIME types
    Ability to edit Apache handlers
    Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
    Search engine submit tool
    File Manager
    Ability to add/remove subdomains
    Subdomain redirects
    Stats for subdomains
    Advanced Tools
    SSH access
    Manage GPG keys
    Cron jobs
    Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
    Interchange Cart
    Agora Cart
    Bulletin Board
    Java Chat
    HTML Chat
    CGI Wrapper (for non-suexec installs)
    Random HTML generator
    Advanced Guestbook
    Counter Generator
    Java Clock Generator
    Java Countdown Generator
    Secure FormMail clone
    Entropy Search
    Entropy Banner
    Network Tools
    DNS Lookup
    Database Management
    Manage MySQL databases
    phpMyAdmin access
Coupon Script
Version 6.0
Coupon Script $165.00 .

Instant Download

After payment there will be a link on the paypal site to return to the download center. For security measures and authentication and verification you will need to use your paypal email that you used to purchase the script at the download center and sign up as a new user. After you complete your registration for the download center you should receive an email for verification. When you receive the email click on the link to add your license to your download center.


  • Upon initial purchase of the script you get:
  • 1 Coupon Script
  • 1 Year License
  • 1 Year Support/Maintenace
  • 1 Year of any fixes or Upgrades at no additional cost

  • After 1 year there will be a Yearly License Fee and that includes Support/Maintenance and any upgrades or fixes during the year.
  • The Yearly Renewal License will be a small fee of $39.95

Coupon Installation $49.95

Coupon Upgrade Installation Fee $20.00
IIf you are upgrading from v.5.0 to v.6.0 and want us to do the upgrade for you then choose this option and include your website name, username and password to your cpanel. Allow 24-48 hours for completion.
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