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Coupon Script v. 6.0

New Additions

  1. SMS Coupons. Send coupon by text to SMS
  2. Publish your Coupon Business Page to Facebook, Twitter and 297 other popular web sites.
  3. Added 6 new pages Privacy, About us, Faqs, Terms of Service, Help, Contact us that can be edited from a WYSIWUG Editor in the Admin panel.
  4. Added Feedback Form in the Admin to send email.
  5. CSS Cascading Style Sheets for Main site, and Admin area.
  6. Script rewritten for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Update.php for migrating from 5.0 to 6.0
  8. XHTML Compliant
  9. JQuery to Validate input fields on the fly
  10. Add Background to each coupon. For viewing only does not show up when printing.
  11. Added Latest Coupons on the right side of the page.

Features and enhancements for PHP Coupon Software Script

  • Database with all 50 US States and over 50,000 US Cities in the US, Federated States Of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands are all included in script
  • Supports RSS Feed Subscription service, along with city-specific subscriptions
  • Send to a friend for any coupon
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Newsletter in Admin panel create and send newsletters to their customers.
  • Print Coupon Button included on page
  • Advertisers can enter there own keywords for meta tags for Search Engines to pick up.
  • Business Name included in meta tags and on the Advertisers Page in the web browser.
  • Top 10 refers shows the top 10 most printed out coupons.
  • Automatic Installer of the Coupon Script. Installs all the tables, US Cities, States, & Categories.
  • Business Name and Link to Advertisers Page Included on each Coupon
  • Payment Gateways are controlled in the configuration file in the Admin panel
  • Storm pay is no longer supported.
  • W3C Validation
  • Support, Pay pal, GO OGLE Checkout payments gateway and Manual Payments Check, Money Gram or Money Orders.
  • Support RSS Feed Subscription service
  • Support adding a free user and edit users from Admin Panel
  • Support generating the code for top 10 coupons for advertisements
  • Html editor for user panel
  • Sub Categories functions Each Business no longer belongs to a category. A Business can have different categories or different sub categories of coupons. Each Category at least has a Sub Category.
  • The ability to search coupons or businesses by zip code with multiple keywords
  • Choose between Monthly, Yearly, and Free Subscriptions for your site.
  • Can Add Different Countries thru the Admin Panel
  • Can up load images to each individual coupon
  • Yellow Page Style Directory on Coupon Main Page
  • Manage, Activate and Deactivate New Users thru the Admin Panel.
  • Improved Search Functions, Can Search entire site based on keywords such as: States, Cities, Business Names.
  • Business Listings will show up when you click a Category in the Yellow Page Directory
  • User Manuel Included with PHP Coupon Script
  • Barcode Generator
  • Add Html on Front Page
  • Limit how many Top Coupons you want Viewed on the Front Page
  • Numerical values for each Category so that you can see how many advertisers are in a category.
  • Category Listings in Alphabetical Order

Our PHP Coupon Script was designed specifically to be one of the finest in...

      • Quality, Design
      • Functionality
      • User Friendly for Visitors, Members, and Site Owners.
      • Competitive Pricing in mind for Small Business Owners or Individuals, and Entrepreneurs wanting to start there own business or make an extra income with a very small investment that can bring the possibility of making a huge income selling coupon space. Last year the Internet Coupon Industry was a 60 Billion Dollar Business
  • The Software is packed with features and Includes an easy install package for a quick and simple installation of the Coupon Script on your web server.

What is PHP Coupon Software Script?
  1. A Powerful and Robust Internet Software Program Developed to provide an affordable and easy way to operate local and National Full Page Coupon Advertisements for local and Business directory owners and entrepreneurs seeking income opportunities.
  2. By Selling Coupons along with Full page Advertisements for your Advertisers and Clients you have the ability and flexibility to offer a more efficient, cost cutting, Faster and more flexible way for your clients to advertise, rather than advertising in a local newspaper, Your customers will appreciate the ease of creating and editing their Full Page Coupon and Business advertisement Page instantly online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  3. With the power of the internet, entrepreneurs and home based business owners and seekers, looking for a full time or part time income opportunities, find Our Software PHP Coupon Script a powerful tool. Knowing that the internet Coupon Industry was over a 60 billion dollar business last year alone and is a growing industry many will see that selling coupon space to Business owners in a medium size town can provide a significant recurring income for them.
  4. By having your own Coupon Management Software installed on your site you will have the opportunity and power to build your own business yourself or multiply your efforts and hire independent contractors or employees to solicit local business owners to place coupons and discounts on your web site. With the power of Search Engines and some web site promotion of your site you can flourish by offering not only Local Coupon deals and Business Ads, but also expand your coupons sales to any State or Country that you prefer.

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    • Namer Servers for our hosting couponscript is listed below you need to add them both:


    1. Coupon script hosting with us 9.00 a month. If you are registering for a new domain name for your couponsite we recommend our hosting and can be purchased to the right side of the page, you will then need to come back here and pay where it says Webhosting Payment Plan $9.00 a month on the right side, this will set up Automatic Montly Payments. be sure an enter our nameservers above if choosing our hosting to the right of the page

    2. Hostgator Hosting 7.95 If you have a previous domain name and existing site we recommend you click on this hostgator plan. This Plan will transfer your existing website for you free and host unlimited websites that you own. Great for future domain names you may want to host

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Demo Coupon Site
Coupon Script Version 6.0
PHP 4.0 or Higher
Linux / Apache
PayPal Account
MySql Database
FTP Access
IE Explorer
Recommended Browser.

Coupon Script
Version 6.0
Coupon Script $165.00 .

Instant Download

After payment there will be a link on the paypal site to return to the download center. For security measures and authentication and verification you will need to use your paypal email that you used to purchase the script at the download center and sign up as a new user. After you complete your registration for the download center you should receive an email for verification. When you receive the email click on the link to add your license to your download center.


  • Upon initial purchase of the script you get:
  • 1 Coupon Script
  • 1 Year License
  • 1 Year Support/Maintenace
  • 1 Year of any fixes or Upgrades at no additional cost

  • After 1 year there will be a Yearly License Fee and that includes Support/Maintenance and any upgrades or fixes during the year.
  • The Yearly Renewal License will be a small fee of $39.95

Coupon Installation $49.95

Coupon Upgrade Installation Fee $20.00
IIf you are upgrading from v.5.0 to v.6.0 and want us to do the upgrade for you then choose this option and include your website name, username and password to your cpanel. Allow 24-48 hours for completion. The upgrade does not support any modifications that a customer may have added or cosmetic changes to your site.
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