Here is a list of questions and answers that should answer most users’ questions... Not all will apply to you but we made a list of most frequent support issues. 

Q. Top Ten is not showing up.
A.  Line 74 in the maincontent.php by default it is 10 which shows the latest top 10 coupons... you can put any number between 1-10 and that is how many will show... if you put 0 then no coupons will show...If no coupons are showing up and the number is correct then the user is probably not active in the admin panel and needs to be changed from 0 to 1 for active.  Or you may need to change the expiration date.  If the customers account is expired the coupons will also disappear from the main site and the customer will need to make a payment which will in turn add another month for his account.    Example in code of no coupons showing: while (($row=mysql_fetch_object($result)) && ($num < 0)) { Example in code of coupons showing 10.while (($row=mysql_fetch_object($result)) && ($num < 10)) {

Q.  I have frontpage extensions installed and cannot password protect the secure folder.
A.  You cannot password protect a directory with frontpage extensions. We do not recommend Frontpage for PHP Programs. 

Q.  How do I add my own content in the maincontent.php
A.  If you are adding html like font and colors you need to add it between the echo on the first line.
Q.  How do I edit php files?
A.  we suggest 

Q.  Can I modify the script
A.  Yes.  You need to read the license agreement to view our policies.

Q.  Do you do any modifications for Customers
A.  We do not do any modifications Please Read license agreement...

Q.  Where do I change the Site Title
A.  In the index.php you can change the meta tags and title to your own.  

Q.  Do you issue refunds?
A.  No we do not.  The script is not encoded and full source code exposed.

Q.  Do we need to add Subcategories
A.  Yes at least 1 subcategory for each category

Q.  I installed the script but gives me an error that says.
Could not connect because Access denied for user 
'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
A.  If your database name is coupon6 you forgot to put the leading _ before the database name example siteuser_coupon5 normally the first part of the _ is the username your hosting provider gives you for web hosting.
You must also do that for the database username and the database name... they usually always have the leading_ before the name.  

Q.  When a business enters the hours get this message. Hours Too Long. 50 Character Max
A.  Need to change this in the user.php and the signup.php
below is a portion of the code in the signup.php change it from 50 to 200 or how many you think you might need. Do the same for the user.php in the signup.phpif (strlen($hours)>200) {$error.=" Hours Too Long. 200 Character Max. ";} in the user.phpif (strlen($hours)>50) {$error.="Hours Too Long. 50 Character Max. ";}
if (strlen($tags)>200) {$error.="Tags Too Long. 200 Character Max. ";}

Q.  How do I change the background color and alignment
A.  In the mainstyle.css located in the folder called css

Q.  I installed the script successfully but the dropdowns search boxes do not drop down.
A.  They will drop down for that country/state/city/category, business once a user signs up and adds a coupon then that persons country/state etc... will populate.
that way you don’t have 50 states with 55,000 US cities with no coupons.  

Q.  Rss has error and is not working
A.  Try opening your rss.php and you will see this line of code towards the bottom  $path="rss.xml"; $filenum=fopen($path,"w"); fwrite($filenum,$body); fclose($filenum); 

Delete this this portion of it below

Q. How do I make the site Free
A. To make the site free you must turn all the payment  options to "0" (off) in the Settings via the Admin
Need to change to Free like below
//How often should the all users pay(Yearly,Monthly,Free)
Change this by taking out numerical value leave it blank like I have below.
//Subscription Cost in US dollars
monthly_cost= Change this by taking out the numerical value so nothing is there, Leave it blank
//Trial Period Length(in days)

Q. I want to set up recurring payments for subscriptions. When I go to paypal it does not allow the monthly recurring monthly subscription.
A.  If you ever want to start charging you advertisers and also want to be able to use paypals recurring monthly payments
you need to put the subscription Cost in dollars to whatever you want:  monthly_cost=49.00 You Need to put Monthly where it says how often should all users pay. pay_interval=Monthly You need to make sure that subscription Cost in Dollars has nothing in the pp_trial_l=Note:  When setting up the admin panel for Free... it will add 10 years to the user’s active status.  If you ever want to start charging you will need to manually change the users that were free to the date you want them to expire from the admin area.

Q.  I forgot my password to the admin area.
A.  the admin password encrypts itself every time you change it.  It is important to remember it.  If you do not remember it you have to manually go into your mysql database, located in your phpmyadmin.  You will need to go to your coupon database. Click on admins located on the left side of the phpmyadmin, then clock on browse, then click on on edit then copy and paste the long number here.  This will set it back to the default password that came with the script in your directions.     912ec803b2ce49e4a541068d495ab570

Q.  Whatever URL/LINK I put into the info section of the coupon it automatically adds the domain name of my primary site in front of it.  Each time I edit it, it again adds my primary site in front of the link.
A.  This has to do with your server and magic_quotes being on or off. Need to go to your cpanel for the site and change magic_quotes_gpc = Off  in the php.ini ezconfig menu.

Q. I get this error on my page Warning: mktime() expects parameter 4 to be long, string given in /home/designaz/public_html/coupons/couponsite/functions.php on line 85
A. change the mktime to time in the functions.php

Q.  How do I change the currency code to my country
A.  need to edit the file functions.php line 465 and line 555, just change "USD" with the code of the currency you want to change example:  "EUR"

Q.  Issues with other browsers regarding viewing in some browsers the main body narrows smaller while the top and the bottom remain fine. .  Windows 7 displays portions (main body) of the sight smaller, Windows XP running ie8 or ie7 display properly, Windows xp firefox displays properly, Windows 7 running ie8 Display smaller

.A.  In order for the coupon site to display correctly in all browsers it is best to change the ifooter.php to 1024 width instead of 980, Auto, or 100%.  After extensive research different browsers display differently and read css and scripting differently.  Change ifooter.php from 980 to 1024px it will be around line 90 in the script.  We recommend a free program to edit php files, or if you have a cpanel you can use the edit or code edit in the file manager.

Q.  After I install my couponscript and go to my site example all i get is the directory files and it does not go to the main site

A.  This is because the htaacess file on your server in that folder the script is installed on is blank.  You need to put DirectoryIndex index.php inside the .htaacess file.

Q.  All of a sudden I get error message that says
 Forbidden You don't have permission to access /emailafriend.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
A.  Need to get with your webhost and ask them to give your site mod security exception permissions for your site. For security reasons many webhost have cracked down and tightened security levels for scripts/software running.

Q.  Get undefined index error.

Notice Undefined index; alogged in /var/www.vhost/ on line 76
Can be other errors on different lines but when you get undefined index error it is not actually an error or warning just telling you something. 

This error appears because of your PHP error reporting settings. Usually, it appears when your variable is not properly set. There are two ways to handle this issue: You can change the php.ini

A You can either put this in your PHP.ini file
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE 
B. Or put this in the actual file that is giving you the error/errors at the top of the php file  
<?php error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); ?>

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